Why you need this course

OSINT Immersion™ teaches students the core concepts in OSINT. We hand-picked the courses that give students across all disciplines the foundational skills they need to excel in whatever OSINT work they perform. Whether you are searching for people, researching a domain or website, or just starting in the field, the combination of lectures and exercises will give you confidence to succeed.

Griffin and Micah will teach this OSINT Immersion course live via the Zoom conferencing application.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand what OSINT is and how it is used in work contexts.
  • Understand how OSINT investigations are conducted.
  • Learn how to research people, websites, domains, and IP addresses online.
  • Understand how to take one piece of data and pivot to other data sources.
  • Create intelligence for your customers.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand what Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is and what it is not
  • Know how to conduct an OSINT investigation
  • Be able to successfully research people selectors such as email addresses, phone numbers, and names using general and specific OSINT tools.
  • Feel confident that you can discover, collect, and analyze online data to create intelligence for your customers.

Details about this course

  • Taught once a week, each Tuesday in February for 4.5 hours via Zoom. (Feb 6, 13, 20, and 27)

  • Class is taught as a half day course each day from 12-5p Eastern time zone - Washington DC, USA

  • Earn 16 CPE credits for completing this course.

  • Taught by course authors Micah Hoffman and Griffin Glynn.

  • Need to purchase multiple seats to this training so your whole team can learn together? Just email [email protected] the details.

  • Access to the recorded version of your live Zoom training for 3-months.

  • A course completion certificate is automatically provided to students finishing this course.

  • To successfully complete this course, you must have access to the internet, the Zoom application, and a modern web browser.

What topics are covered?

We will be teaching following core courses during this class.

Reason for Inclusion
Introduction to OSINT
This is your first stop in learning about OSINT and explains what we consider OSINT and who uses it.
Operational Security and Privacy
How do you stay safe when working on the internet? This course provides "to do" items for you to consider implementing to protect yourself, your system, and your organization.
Using Search Engines Effectively
Search engines play key roles in our online work. Learn how to become a master at refining search results.
People Searching
How do we find people? This course reveals many techniques.
Physical Address and Phone Number Searches
Searching for those selectors associated with people and businesses? This course will help!
Email Searching
Have an email? We teach you many methods of searching to find if it is valid and in use.
Username Searching
Need to find people and know their username? This course reveals how to locate profiles and associated data.
Introduction to Social Media
With an understanding of usernames, we shift to learning about how to use social media in OSINT work. This course uses general concepts to teach how to approach any social media platform and be successful.
Image Analysis for OSINT
We all come across images in our work. This course teaches you how to break down the pictures and use details to find locations and other pivot points.
Reverse Image Searching Finding locations where images are used on the internet can reveal additional profiles or a site where the image was first seen.
Analyzing Domains and IP Addresses
The internet runs on domains and IP addresses. This course teaches you how to research them and find ownership and ties to other entities and sites.
Introduction to Website Investigations
Sometimes we need to dive deeper into who owns a website and how it is connected to other internet resources. This site teaches you how to do this research.