Why you need this course

If you are working in the OSINT fields, you probably visit hundreds of web pages daily. The main method we conduct OSINT research is by looking at a the contents of websites. In this course, Micah Hoffman and Griffin Glynn take you behind just what is rendered in your web browser and train you to use techniques to reveal that data you need to solve your case.

Whether you need to examine a private forum's pages that are sharing and selling stolen credentials, a hate group's public site, or a social media profile page, we teach you how to go deeper than what is on the surface.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand what data is available on web pages and how to collect it.
  • Understand the pivot points that can be made from web page data and how to use those in your OSINT work.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Know how to use web search engines to discover data indexed from your target website.
  • Be confident in using search engines and third-party tools to examine historic web page data.
  • Know the limitations of web search engines and how to get around them.
  • Understand how to research web pages using third-party tools that analyze websites.
  • Understand how to perform an analysis of a web page and its content.

Frequently Asked Questions