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OSINT Immersion™ brings together the most popular core concepts of Open Source Intelligence. We hand-picked courses that provide the foundational skills needed to excel in whatever OSINT work you may do. Whether you are just starting out, already a seasoned analyst, or just looking to grow professionally in a career leveraging OSINT skills, these 12+ hours of expert-led instruction and exercises will give you the tools, techniques, and confidence you need to succeed!

Student Reviews

...fresh, fun and informative!

J. P.

"The experience of Micah and Griffin is evident in both the presentation and slides. The course was well structured, informative, and entertaining. The exercises called out areas I need to revisit and practice while I learned more about the areas I'm strong with. As someone who has attended a couple of OSINT related courses in the past, this one did the best job in keeping the materials fresh, fun, and informative while fostering new ideas on how to tackle specific challenges within OSINT."

Absolutely will recommend it!


"Awesome course with awesome instructors."

...a learning plan for my areas of interest

C. S.

"Both instructors are easy to listen to and follow, the information was presented well. The exercise at the beginning was good, it highlighted how much I have to learn."

What's included...

Reason for Inclusion
Introduction to OSINT
This is your first stop in learning about OSINT and explains what we consider OSINT and who uses it.
Operational Security and Privacy
How do you stay safe when working on the internet? This course provides "to do" items for you to consider implementing to protect yourself, your system, and your organization.
Using Search Engines Effectively
Search engines play key roles in our online work. Learn how to become a master at refining search results.
People Searching
How do we find people? This course reveals many techniques.
Physical Address and Phone Number Searches
Searching for those selectors associated with people and businesses? This course will help!
Email Searching
Have an email? We teach you many methods of searching to find if it is valid and in use.
Username Searching
Need to find people and know their username? This course reveals how to locate profiles and associated data.
Introduction to Social Media
With an understanding of usernames, we shift to learning about how to use social media in OSINT work. This course uses general concepts to teach how to approach any social media platform and be successful.
Image Analysis for OSINT
We all come across images in our work. This course teaches you how to break down the pictures and use details to find locations and other pivot points.
Reverse Image Searching Finding locations where images are used on the internet can reveal additional profiles or a site where the image was first seen.
Analyzing Domains and IP Addresses
The internet runs on domains and IP addresses. This course teaches you how to research them and find ownership and ties to other entities and sites.
Introduction to Website Investigations
Sometimes we need to dive deeper into who owns a website and how it is connected to other internet resources. This site teaches you how to do this research.

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    Just send us an email ([email protected]) and we will happily make this happen. You just pay the different in the bundles.

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    Yes! When we release an update of one of the core courses in this bundle you get that new material at no additional charge. Be sure to follow our social media accounts (see bottom of the page) to see our announcements!

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