Why you need this course

Take a moment and think about how many email addresses you have. You most likely have at least a one personal and one work or school email. Many people have four or more at least in the United States. And the people that we might need to research in OSINT cases also may have multiple email addresses that are used to send phishing links or malware or maybe are used on a social media platform. 

Your job is to discover all the activities of those email addresses and then figure out how it applies to your work. That is exactly what Micah Hoffman and Griffin Glynn teach in this course; how to research email addresses.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand how emails are using in OSINT investigations.
  • Understand the pivot points that can be taken from email addresses.
  • Understand how to research where email addresses are used on the internet.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Validate email addresses and their formats.
  • Look for the many online places where an email address might have been used.
  • Break apart email addresses into their components and search for those pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Earn 0.5 CPEs/CEUs for completing this course.

  • Micah Hoffman and Griffin Glynn authored and teach the course.

  • This course consists of online videos accessible from mobile app and/or web browser. Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises.

  • This course is included in both the OSINT Immersion™ and All OSINT Course bundles.

  • A course completion certificate is automatically provided to students finishing this course.

  • To successfully complete this course, you must have access to the internet and a modern web browser.

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