Micah Hoffman

My OSINT Training Co-owner and OSINT Innovator


Micah Hoffman is a well-known figure in cybersecurity and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), with a significant role as a co-owner and course creator at My OSINT Training. He co-founded The OSINT Curious Project, blending his deep knowledge in OSINT and cybersecurity with engaging storytelling and humor. Active in the community, he shares insights on his blog, webbreacher.com, and across social media as "WebBreacher". He enjoys using his technical skills to discover new OSINT methods, create new tools, and sharing those to make OSINT accessible and understandable to anyone.


Griffin Glynn

My OSINT Training Co-owner and OSINT Expert


Griffin Glynn is a recognized OSINT expert coming from a 20+ year career in the private sector, where he leveraged open-source intelligence in criminal investigations alongside all levels of law enforcement. He now dedicates his investigative efforts to applying OSINT in cases involving missing and exploited children, as well as counter-human trafficking efforts around the world.

In his role as Chief Investigations Officer at the National Child Protection Task Force, Griffin oversees their extensive casework, leading a team of skilled analysts to ensure precise and efficient investigative support of agencies investigating the exploitation of children. He also develops and delivers training programs in this arena, equipping law enforcement officers with essential skills to fight against these heinous crimes effectively.

Additionally, he has served as the Vice President of ClickSafe Intelligence since its inception, and supports their impact by drawing upon his extensive background focused on keeping children safe online.

In the OSINT community, Griffin goes by hatless1der, and has created or contributed to many community-focused projects including blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and other publications. He created and maintains the widely-popular Ultimate OSINT Collection startme page, and continues to be a respected voice in both the open source intelligence community, as well as the anti-trafficking and anti-exploitation space.


Lisette Abercrombie

OSINT Instructor and Course Creator


Lisette "Technisette" Abercrombie is one of the co-founders of The OSINT Curious Project.

Lisette has a diverse background where she studied to be a primary school teacher but after graduating started working full-time at a Dutch social media website. As a community manager, her role was to make sure that users and employees of the website would obey the user agreement, privacy statement, and Dutch law. She was a member of the security team where she learned to basics of OSINT and a single-point-of-contact for government and law enforcement.

She earned a position within the Dutch National Police where, for more than 10-years, she has been supporting and advising criminal investigations as an Internet and OSINT specialist.

Because OSINT is not only her job but also her hobby, she likes to share her new found techniques and tricks with the OSINT community via her Twitter account and personal website (linked below).