Lead Instructor and Owner

Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman is the Principal Investigator and owner of Spotlight Infosec (, the founder of the My OSINT Training company, the co-founder of the OSINT Games Capture The Flag organization (, and has been working in the OSINT and cyber fields for decades.

As a leader in the open-source intelligence world and the current President of The OSINT Curious Project non-profit (, Micah creates free open-source tools, writes blog posts, and runs OSINT-focused live streams. His passions are learning, sharing OSINT tactics and techniques, and giving back to the communities he helped to create and strengthen.

Micah has enthralled audiences across the globe through his custom talks that mix his broad technical and applied knowledge with stories, anecdotes, and humor to create environments for learning, exploration, and change. With a solid background in OSINT, cyber security, information technology, and psychology, Micah's classes focus on learning the OSINT skills and tools today's OSINT investigators need to accomplish their goals.