Current MOT Instructors

Lead Instructor and Owner

Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman is the Lead Instructor and Owner of the My OSINT Training company, the co-founder of the OSINT Games Capture The Flag organization, Principal Investigator of Spotlight Infosec, and has been working in the OSINT and cyber fields for decades.

As a leader in the open-source intelligence community and a co-founder of The OSINT Curious Project non-profit, Micah engages, educates, and entertains audiences around the world by combining his broad OSINT and cyber knowledge with stories and humor. Whether he is demonstrating a specific OSINT skill or revealing new tools and techniques, Micah infuses his speaking and teaching engagements with energy and delivers talks that influence, amuse, and educate. His passion is learning, sharing OSINT tactics and techniques, and giving back to the communities he helped to create and strengthen.

OSINT Instructor and Course Creator

Griffin Glynn

Griffin Glynn is an instructor and course creator here at He is also the Director of Intelligence at the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF), a non-profit focused on assisting law enforcement in solving cases of missing, exploited, and trafficked children around the world. Griffin comes from a 20-year private-sector background in criminal investigations, and in the OSINT community goes by hatless1der. He maintains an OSINT-focused blog and OSINT-focused page called The Ultimate OSINT Collection.