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The team at My OSINT Training combines a truly unique blend of deep expertise and a genuine passion for teaching, setting us apart in the overwhelming world of OSINT training options.

We're dedicated not just to sharing knowledge, but to equipping and empowering every student with the skills and confidence needed for real-world success.

With an expansive courseware catalog and engaging hands-on exercises, MOT provides the high-quality, expertly crafted OSINT training experience you’ve been searching for. Whether you're just beginning your OSINT journey, looking to deepen your existing expertise, or need to upskill your entire team together, let MOT offer you a pathway to mastery.

  • Purchase individual courses or choose a pre-packaged bundle option for maximum value!

  • Our courses feature engaging video lessons, interactive exercises, and direct access to instructors for an optimal learning experience!

  • Our expert instructors don't just teach; they break down and simplify complex topics, making them accessible to everyone.

  • Enjoy a full year of access and learn your way - fast or slow, you control the pace of your online learning.

  • Many of our courses provide hands-on exercises, so you can practice as you learn for maximum impact!

  • Customizable options available for groups, teams, and events including special pricing and flexible scheduling.

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Kickstart your OSINT learning with our tailored course bundles, designed to fit your learning goals and budget.

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Take Your Learning Everywhere: Learn OSINT on the go! MOT is hosted on Thinkific, which comes with handy mobile apps, making your learning journey portable and flexible.

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