Why you need this course

The online world is filled with serious digital threats, some of these may pose real-life dangers. As digital investigators, we must know how and when to protect our identities, systems, and network traffic from exposure AND how to tactically blend in with “normal” user traffic. Those decisions are part of having good Operational Security (OPSEC), and knowing how to develop this for yourself through tailored settings, software, and applications is what you’re going to learn in this 2-hour course.

Key learning objectives:

  • Master the art of detecting and neutralizing digital risks, crafting a robust personal threat model.
  • Reinforce your digital defenses before diving into investigative depths.
  • Adapt your online presence, merging seamlessly into the digital landscape whenever the mission demands

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Know what a threat model is and how to create one.
  • Know what Operational Security is and how to develop yours.
  • Know what a VPN is, how it works, and how to choose one.
  • Know what the Tor dark web is and how you might use it to increase anonymity.
  • Know how to apply identity protections at each critical point of exposure.
  • Know where to find additional resources, tools, and systems to continually grow your OPSEC.
  • Feel confident in your safety and security during online investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions