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Why choose MOT?

MOT (MyOSINT.Training) is your trusted partner for OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) training. Our industry-leading trainers understand not only how to find data on the internet but how to break down complex techniques so everyone can learn the OSINT skills they want. Whether you work at a small, medium, or enterprise-sized company or are just interested in growing your OSINT skills, we have affordable OSINT courses to help grow your skills.

  • Buy only the training that you need or purchase one of our bundles of courses. Want to learn how to use the Obsidian note-taking tool, find data on Facebook, or start using python tools like Spiderfoot and Holehe in your work? We have training and bundles that will help you be successful!

  • MOT's easy to use interface makes learning interesting. Most of our courses consist of video instruction, exercises for you to practice, and discussion boards for your questions.

  • Learn at your speed. Like to move fast through material to get the highlights? Or are you more of a methodical, patient learner that watches every second of videos and then rewatches them to pick up the nuances? Each type of student will find that MOT exceeds your expectations. You have access to MOT courseware for a year. Take your time or go fast. Whatever works for you!

We are now mobile!

My OSINT Training is powered by the Thinkific platform which has mobile apps that allow you to take your OSINT learning with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How is the OSINT Immersion bundle different from the All OSINT Course subcription?

    The OSINT Immersion bundle has a subset of our courses. The All OSINT Course bundle has them all.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    All our bundles and courses are purchased in 1-year subscriptions. At the end of that year, you can choose to repurchase or cancel your subscription.

  • Can you teach these courses to my company, school, conference, or other event?

    Yes! Just send us an email (support@myosint.training) with the details and we will work with you to make this happen.

  • If I want to buy bundles for each person in my office, how do I do that?

    Just send us an email (support@myosint.training) with the details of how many licenses you need.

  • Are there discounts for bulk purchases?

    Yes! For bulk purchases of 10 bundles or more, we offer discounts. Send us an email (support@myosint.training) with the details of which bundles or courses you would like to order and how many you need.