Why Choose MOT?

MOT (MyOSINT.Training) will become your trusted source for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) training. Our industry-leading trainers understand not only how to find data on the internet but teach how and why to use these techniques so everyone can follow along and get the most from these courses. Whether you work at a small, medium, or enterprise-sized company or are just interested in growing your OSINT skills, we have affordable courses to help.

  • Buy only the training that you need or buy it all. Want to learn how to use the Obsidian note-taking tool or the SpiderFoot recon tool in your work? Just buy those courses. "Buy-What-You-Need" is one of the biggest reasons to purchase online OSINT training from our trainers.

  • MOT's easy to use interface and website makes learning interesting. While most of our courses consist of videos, many have discussion boards to ask questions about course topics and exercises to reinforce the material you learned.

  • Learn at your speed. Like to move fast through material to get the highlights? Or are you more of a methodical, patient learner that watches every second of the videos and then rewatches them to pick up the nuiances you might have missed? You have access to MOT materials 24 hours a day for a year. Take your time or go fast. Whatever works for you!

What do you want to learn?

Is there some part of the OSINT field that you would like us to write a course about? Have an idea for a tool you would like to have us teach you how to use? Visit our feedback form (https://at.myosint.training/newcourse) and let us know!