Start Me Aggregated Resource Tool

There has been an explosion of OSINT sites on the bookmarking platform. The problem we have found is that there are too many OSINT sites sharing too many resources. It was incredibly time consuming to click to all the sites and find resources to use. This project is an attempt to centralize OSINT and other resource data in a single location. Updated nightly.


The Bitmoji Avatar History Enumerator

Bitmoji avatars can be iterated through to see older versions of clothing and body attributes (like hair styles). BACKMOJI takes a Bitmoji ID and then makes your browser retrieve previous versions of that user's Bitmoji avatar.


Enumerate usernames across many websites

WhatsMyName is a tool that our founder, Micah Hoffman, created. It is currently maintained by a group of amazing OSINT volunteers around the world. The talented Chris Poulter (OSINT Combine) gave the project its front-end website and graciously hosts the webpage for the community. Simply enter a username into the tool and your browser will search for that username on hundreds of websites.
Results of the website.


Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer

YOGA seeks to show the connectedness of OSINT data and the fluidity of moving from one data point to the next. It does this through an interactive web page that highlights techniques you can use if you have a certain piece of OSINT data. It also helps when people get "stuck" with data and do not know what to do next.
Image of the YOGA web page