The Future of My OSINT Training

Thoughts on the platform and new courses by Founder, Micah Hoffman

I'm Micah Hoffman, founder of My OSINT Training or "MOT" as I like to call it, and I'm thrilled with the tremendous growth of this new OSINT training platform.

My goal for MOT is simple: just as with my other OSINT community projects, I created a trusted, inclusive, accessible platform for online OSINT education.

As the course list continues to grow, you might notice that there are some core OSINT courses not yet available on the My OSINT Training site.

We will be adding courses covering:

  • Dark Web OSINT
  • Business investigations
  • Searching on addresses, phone numbers, emails, and usernames
  • Researching IP addresses, domains, and websites
  • Geolocation
  • Image and File Analysis
  • Social media platform (SOCMINT) exploration for Facebook, Twitter, and more.